'Addicts Are Selfish' — Why Sympathy Should Be Shifted in Addiction-Related Deaths

Are alcoholics just selfish Acting rude. Being over-emotional. General stupor. All of these behaviors will, at some point, coalesce into a sub-standard pattern of behavior which destroys relationships. Known as a social lubricant in moderation, alcohol is anything but that when abused. Alcoholics will lie about their bad behavior or patterns of alcohol consumption. They will sneak alcohol when no one is looking.


Is this behavior common among most alcoholics? Is getting drunk more important than anything or anyone to them? Do they really want to be so selfish or is it just because they are addicted to a substance?

How to Cope with a Spouse's Alcoholism - Alcoholism

On Twitter the poll received 237 votes and on Facebook there was a much a smaller response, mainly because the facebook page was so new at the time. However on both pages the results were pretty much identical. I should firstly mention that the main demographic of the voters would have been children of alcoholics based on the followers I have on my social media, however not exclusively and it is difficult to judge that either way so I am taking the results as they are. Many people commented below expanding on their answers.

"Но я встречу дочь, которую не видела сорок лет. Как я могу оставаться спокойной?".

The Narcissist Alcoholic's Abuse of the "Emotional Reset Button"

Selfishness - self-centeredness! That, we think, is the root of our troubles.

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