What are the best Astronomical Ephemeris Calculators?

Astronomical ephemeris calculator Calculating Ephemerides Calculating an Object's Ephemeris from its Elements This tool calculates an ephemeris for an objects whose orbital elements are supplied on a range of dates starting at a specified time and advancing by a specified interval. It works for unperturbed objects in elliptical orbits planets, asteroids, most comets and non-powered spacecraft. Due to limitations of the method employed oscillating elements and single precision arithmetic of most browsers, the accuracy will be no better than a few minutes of time or degree. Adequate for pointing telescopes but not accurate enough for more demanding purposes. Any errors are my own. The epoch must be replaced the time of perihelion passage. The longitude at epoch must be zero.


The time is given as copyrolexdaytona.mes, or 00h00m00s. The time may also be rounded and given in decimal form, in order to correspond to the accuracy of the calculation. e. This may also happen for days. 4. The start time is taken as selected by you, i. For intervals shorter than one day, decimal days are given.

swiss ephemeris

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Astro-Ephemeris-Animation for May 2012 by Robert von Heeren

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