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Christian worship events london What is Grace? Some are involved in other churches and Grace is a supplement, some are involved in St Mary's Ealing and Grace is part of that, for some Grace is their only church. There are also the complexities of how people's partners and children fit in or are part of Grace. For more about the structure of our community see here. For the ethos of Grace see here. Grace is a congregation of St. Mary's Church, Ealing, London.


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Val Fraser Tue 22 Jan 2019 11.35 GMT As daylight hours increase minute by tiny creeping minute, many of us will begin turning our thoughts towards the promise of long summer days ahead. What better time than now to settle in for the evening with a mug of hot chocolate and begin hatching your escape plans? Whatever kind of adventure you prefer, you'll be spoilt for choice with the many Christian conferences, festivals and events happening in the UK during 2019.


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Eritrean Bethel Church in London - Youth Worship

Praise and Worship Session @ DLBC UK Nat Men's Conference, London

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