Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu., Vol 1

Komi san anime release date Check out more reviews Perspective of a Writer... Komi is super popular despite her aloof reputation. Only timid Tadano seems to notice that she doesn't talk... When she reaches out to him on the first day of class he quickly realizes it's awkwardness holding her back. Now he'll become her first friend in her quest to make 100 friends.


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Hello minna san! Today, I will be starting a blog series on manga and anime hidden gems! Hope you enjoy!

World of Lewd, the great anime fight!

Enjoyment 10 Komi-san wa, Comyushou desu has a simple premise, MC Komi is adored by everyone in her class and people in general, however, she has a major communication problem. She can't talk to people at all, gets nervous easily about the simplest interactions and nobody notices this, until Tadano noticed it, and became her first friend. After that, we meet some new people and usually each chapter has some short story to tell that are really interesting and funny. Chapters are usually short stories with romance and comedy bits and it works really well, and romance is well spread so it doesn't get boring or annoying while comedy is well done and funny.

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Komi-San Joins The Fight!

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А теперь я спрашиваю тебя, Николь: откуда у шестнадцатилетней девчонки, проспавшей всю свою жизнь кроме двух лет, берутся подобные причуды. Наверное, это кто-то из взрослых, скорее всего Макс или Эпонина, советует ей, как себя вести. Мария _хотела_ унизить меня и заставить Галилея страдать.