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Evil actors ever Here, then, is our list of the greatest and grisliest. Michael Myers Halloween series 1978-2018 The shape. The silent killer. The psychopath with some serious family issues. Michael is one of those who doesn't need much in the way of personality or a massive backstory — we're looking at you, Rob Zombie — to be effective as a threat. Like so many of his horror contemporaries, his impact has been diluted through the years, but in his original form, he can still strike terror into the hardest heart. T-1000 Terminator 2. Judgement Day 1991 When looking for something to present a challenge to the hulking cyborg form of Arnold Schwarzenegger's original flavour Terminator, James Cameron conceived of something more complicated, even more driven and able to turn itself into almost anyone or anything, some laws of physics be damned.


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Before that fateful night at Ford's Theatre made his name synonymous with terrorism and treason, Booth was one of America's most critically-acclaimed and beloved actors, whose good looks and charisma earned him plaudits across the nation in stirring performances of Shakespeare plays. The ties between Booth and Brutus in particular run disturbingly deep. not only was Brutus reportedly Booth's favorite role, his own father Junius Brutus Booth, himself an accomplished actor, was named after Caesar's most famous assassin. Slater himself, on the other hand, has a checkered history of physical and sexual assaults against women that have done very real harm. He may not be a murderer like Boyd but it probably wouldn't be a good idea to have either of them at your bachelor party.

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More Articles August 17, 2017 Many actors vie for lead protagonist roles on screen. A combination of charisma and mystique often makes for a good bad guy, and it helps to have a certain look. These actors and actresses have successfully played the antagonist on more than one occasion.

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Наи страдала не первый месяц. я не оправдываю ее реакцию, но, конечно же, Николь умолкла.

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Нет, - сказал он, помедлив. - Во всяком случае, не. - Боюсь, что я согласна я тобой, - ответила Николь. - Но не хочу говорить этого остальным.