Understanding the Emancipation Process In Florida

How much does it cost to get emancipated in the state of florida From petitioning the courts to getting insurance to making a budget, read on for everything you need to know before setting out on your own. What It Means to Be an Emancipated Minor In short, becoming an emancipated minor means that you are considered an adult before age 18, and are legally separated from your parents or legal guardians. Keep in mind that while 18 is the legal age in most states, it can vary. Being emancipated means your parents are no longer responsible for providing you with food, clothing, and shelter. It also means you are able to get a work permit, earn money , and decide what to do with your earnings. You can also legally live on your own and do other things, like rent an apartment or sign a legal contract.


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Reviewed by. Michelle Seidel, B. If you want to be emancipated while still a minor, you'll need to follow a series of steps to petition the court for that right. While emancipation does not grant a minor the right to drink and vote, emancipated minors may act as adults in a legal capacity and manage their own finances and other affairs, as well as other things deemed appropriate by Florida law. What's Required for Emancipation Complete the proper documents needed to obtain a court order for emancipation. These documents include a Petition for Emancipation of a Minor, which must be completed by a parent or guardian or by a court-appointed guardian.

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