35 Passive-Aggressive Memes So Hilarious You’ll Feel Better About Having To Deal With That Garbage

Posting passive aggressive memes Maybe you only had one roommate or maybe you have several; either way, there is always someone that is over-dramatic about basic household chores before you even get the chance to do anything about it. So, what do they do? They go ahead and do the said chore themselves while complaining about it just loud enough for you to hear it. So, in instances like this, there's only one thing to do. simply stop doing the chores that you are supposed to do and leave it all for them because they like doing it so much. Instead of calling them out for their obsessive behavior, just sit back with a cold one and watch them go at it.


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By Sylvan Lane 2014-06-27 11.08.06 UTC Being a source of negative energy on social media is more than just starting arguments, posting unappealing content and being a generally unpleasant person. In fact, you may not realize that what you're doing is maddening to those subjected to see it. Here are 10 ways you could be ruining your social media presence without even knowing it.

Hilarious Passive Aggressive Notes

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