SWAT Kats to make a comeback after 22 years as series creators look for funds on Kickstarter

Swat kats intro season 1 Characters Razor - Razor is the ace gunner and somewhat the leader and the smarter of the two. His battle tactic is more focused on strategy, reflected both in long-range and hand-to-hand fighting style, in which he employs great skill in martial arts techniques. In his secret identity is Jake Clawson, he holds together a struggling auto repair business with his friend, assistant and partner Chance Furlong, and could be considered somewhat masculine, bossy and confident. This might be owing partly to the incident which discharged him and Chance from the Enforcers. As Chance Furlong, he is an automotive mechanic along with longtime friend and partner Jake Clawson.


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Sounds close, short obviously. Reason I know found it on boomerang channel and watched it to death! Was my fav as a kid and still is as I get out of my teen years. The only show where the people were bipedal animals and were awesome. They were even an influence to make me join the airforce.

How often 'crud' is said in SWAT Kats

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It could naturally run to the end of its lifespan, and the studio in charge is fine with keeping the show on only as reruns. Or it could just vanish into the ether, never officially cancelled but simply have production run out without being renewed, with no official reason given. SWAT Kats is not one of these shows. In fact, it performed really well. It was the top syndicated show of 1994, was full of potential for action figures and toy vehicles, and its popularity has stayed at such a level that in 2015 a Kickstarter campaign to revive the cartoon met its target in a day.

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Но люди с трудом примиряются со старостью, даже когда стареют день ото дня. - Он протянул ей сумочку с косметикой. - Нет, спасибо, - Николь решительно отодвинула .