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Chicago sports spectacular march 2019 A judge has appointed a special prosecutor to investigate the decision by Cook County prosecutors do dismiss all charges against Smollett. He said she had no right to hand it off to someone from her office, which he said amounted to naming her own special prosecutor. Toomin also left open the possibility that the special prosecutor could charge Smollett again — either with the original charges accusing him of lying to police or with other counts. The Chicago Police Department, which has never disguised its anger over the decision to drop the charges, vowed to assist the special prosecutor. Foxx has been under fire for her handling the investigation, including from the Chicago Police Department and the former mayor.


Solar minimum is here - but even now strangely beautiful auroras are dancing around the poles. Book now! Northern summer and southern winter are underway.

The Draft's Forgotten Star: Inside the Potential of Darius Garland

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