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Christian mental health Mental Disorders. The Result of Sin? In her late 50s, and always having been a competent person, Cynthia had a great deal of trouble coming to terms with this. She refused to accept the diagnosis or to take the medicaitons prescribed by her doctor. She was hospitalized several times. The evenagelical faith she followed did not encourage her in her battle. In her mind, and in the minds of many others in her church, her illness was not a medical issue. Ultimately…symptoms are spiritual problems.


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Warning. May be triggering to people with depression, anxiety, and other mental illness. There are millions of people who are hiding right now. They live half in darkness, always carefully crafting the public persona that will allow them to blend-in seamlessly; continually weighing their words and managing perception with every conversation—and ultimately withdrawing into the shadows of silence and solitude when it all gets to be too much. Organized Christianity has a full-blown mental health crisis that it has created and needs to reckon with.

Mental Illness Can't Hold This Girl Back — Britaney's Story

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Over the last 12 years of working in the Mind and Soul Foundation, it is a great encouragement to see how many informed and compassionate mental health conversations are happening within our churches. This is a narrative that has moved on from calling mental health issues simply sin, disobedience or demonic attack, but still leave mental health sufferers feeling wounded. We thought it might be helpful to highlight 6 'hybrid' examples so that we can make our conversations even more grace filled. Anxiety issues also fluctuate over time and need long term management, they tend not to improve on their own but through awareness, medication, talking therapy and self-help strategies. Dealing with emotional pain is not self-indulgent any more than dealing with physical pain.

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It is a conversation I have had hundreds of times in the 13 years since we started The Mind and Soul Foundation. Here is another passionate leader and brilliant communicator of the gospel who is becoming aware of the juxtaposition between their mental state and the message that they are delivering to others.