Unmasking Reddit's Violentacrez, The Biggest Troll on the Web

Dallas culture reddit Misogyny Incest You can look those up on Reddit and visit them if you'd like to ruin your day, but the content is self-explanatory. Unlike Jailbait, which apparently sprung from a sincere interest, many of Violentacrez's most offensive subreddits were created just to enrage other Reddit users. At this they were very effective. What happened was, some do-gooder would stumble upon one of his offensive subreddits and expose it to the rest of Reddit in an outraged post. Then thousands more would vote the thing to the front page of Reddit.


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But in 2016, one of ours did. Our editorial staff and design team collaborated to imagine what thirteen classic literary works would sound like with clickbait headlines. It was a spoof on the Upworthy-style titles that had taken over the media.

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