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Expensify multiple page receipts By Komando Staff, Komando. Whether it's to double-check an odd entry in the accounting software or to know you're covered if the IRS comes calling, you have to have them. Of course, a business can create a mountain of receipts every year, so you need a plan in place to organize them. Otherwise, they can really weigh you down. So, when every penny needs to be accounted for, how do you make sure that a receipt doesn't get overlooked, or worse, accidentally tossed? Instead of keeping paper receipts that can get lost and destroyed, we find the best solution is to turn them into digital files.


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Specs Pros Receipt Bank has a truly easy-to-use mobile app that minimizes data entry time and has superb integration with accounting apps. Cons Some companies may be put off by the unusual receipt management process ways, such as permitting all Approvers to see everyone's receipts. Bottom Line Expense tracking software packages all say they make the process easy but Receipt Bank actually delivers on that promise.

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SmartScan is simple on the outside and complex on the inside. Expensify accounts come with 5 free SmartScans per month. How to use SmartScan. 1.

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