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Revenge 2017 cast Tweet "American Assassin" is an action film, a spy thriller, a meditation on revenge, and a story about mentors and pupils, but mostly it's a movie that loves to maim and kill people and is very good at it. Dylan O'Brien stars as Mitch Rapp, an American who loses his parents in a car wreck as a child, then fails to save his fiancee from a terrorist attack and vows to find and execute the head of the cell that ordered it. Stan Hurley Michael Keaton. Then one of Hurley's former trainees, an arms dealer known as Ghost Taylor Kitsch , enters the picture, and things get murky. Advertisement I don't just mean the plot, I mean the movie's reason for being. It doesn't take long to figure out where the film's heart lies, and it would've been more honest if it had embraced that impulse from the start.


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Soon, Jen finds herself in their crosshairs and is faced with a choice. shut up and take their hush money or stand up to them… and make them pay in other, bloodier ways. Director Coralie Fargeat and actor Matilda Lutz talked to us about making a new kind of revenge movie. When your character went through that very visceral change on screen, emerging from the cave looking and acting different and projecting this new energy and resolve, did the way you felt about her also change? Matilda Lutz. Yes, all the sexy, kind of Lolita shots were shot at the beginning, during the first two weeks of shooting.

REVENGE [RED BAND trailer] – In theaters & On Demand May 11th

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