Exclusive: Parth and I are like house on fire, says Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan 3 actress Niti Taylor

Is parth and niti dating in real life One controversy does not even die down before his name gets linked to a fresh controversy. Here are all the controversies that Parth Samthaan has been linked to. 1. However, the screenshots of the group was leaked. Parth clarified and said that somebody had hacked into his social media account and did all this to malign him! Abusing co-star Niti Taylor In the WhatsApp group, theere was an audio clip too where Parth samthaan could be heard abusing and foul mouthing co-star Niti Taylor. While Parth said all that in a drunk state, Niti was clearly disappointed. She posted a long note via Twitter in which she did not take any name but understably lashed out at Parth!


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The popular youth show is back with its third installment on Voot, and Niti promises that this season will provide you with triple dose of entertainment. In an exclusive conversation with India Today Online, Niti Taylor talked about her equation with Parth, working with the new cast and enjoying shooting for digital medium. Excerpts. What's new this season. It's triple the love, triple the fight, triple the drama.

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