Maude flanders sociopath

Maude flanders sociopath Simpson is a former NFL player and actor who made headlines in 1994 when he was arrested for the murder of his ex-wife and her male friend. But despite motive and evidence, he was found not guilty. Now from afar, you may think that O. This theory holds weight for 3 reasons. With the first being that in a previous episode, we learned that singer Jessica Simpson is a cousin to the Simpson children, which opens the possibility of the family being somehow related to everyone with the same last name.


While the credit certainly isn't mine, I'd like to try my best to expand upon why this seemingly modest, good-natured housewife who attended church regularly was secretly a cold, remorseless sociopath hellbent on killing her husband Ned by any means necessary. Let's get one thing straight right off the bat, though. by no means does this mean I dislike Maude, I actually like her and find her a fairly interesting secondary character in the show. With that said, let's peel back the fake smiles and cheery demeanor to see the cold killer underneath. Her demeanor changed depending on who she's around.

The Simpsons Maude Flanders the Ghoul

I've wanted to make this thread for a long time now. It's going to focus on the true nature of Ned's late wife Maude. I'm quite suprised nobody has noticed this before; obviously they've seen the signs, but nothing has been put together. When you've finished reading this post, I promise you, everything will be wrapped up in a neat little package and you'll never look at Maude Flanders the same way again.

BY Christian Bond March 17, 2015 With a show as beloved and long-lasting as The Simpsons, fans are naturally going to let their imaginations run wild with the vast amount of information they are given. The following theories were made by fans and explain some of the show's more inexplicable aspects—and some do it more convincingly than others... Homer is in a coma. Everything is fine again at the end of the episode, but a recent fan theory argues that Homer never actually woke up from the coma. Even more compelling, an earlier episode, "Homer The Heretic," ends with the following exchange between Homer and God. Homer. God, I gotta ask you something.

Homer Needs a Shirt (Maude Flanders Dies)

5 Dark Simpsons Secrets That Prove Ned Flanders Is No Saint

This time, I'll be looking at the episodes that troubled me, psychologically. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy all of the episodes in this list, but damn, they all contain some "I can't believe they went there" moments.