Purchases made before VAT registration

Purchase before vat registration VAT is collected by VAT-registered businesses at each stage in the production and distribution process of supplying goods and services. The VAT charged on sales or taxable supplies is called output tax. Taxable persons charge output tax to their customers and periodically usually quarterly , they pay it over to HMRC. VAT paid by a business on purchases or expenses is called input tax. VAT-registered businesses can reclaim their input tax by deducting the input tax they have paid from the output tax which they owe and paying over the net amount only. If the input tax exceeds the output tax, then the balance is recoverable from HMRC.


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There's also scope for reclaiming VAT on services received before registration but tough conditions apply. What exactly are you allowed to claim for? Reclaiming input tax You probably know that VAT paid on purchases input tax made before registration can be reclaimed. There are, of course, time limits and other conditions; just to recap these are. The purchases must have been made for the business that's now registered and used to make supplies on which you will charge VAT. Where the purchase is of goods they must have been made in the four previous tax years.

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purchases made before vat registration

Overview UK law allows a business registering for VAT to recover tax it has incurred on goods and services before their effective date of registration EDR. This is known as Regulation 111. A claim under these regulations is often a valuable means of funds in the early period of trading for a business. However, it is important the return is made properly as some of the provisions are not as straightforward as they seem and HMRC has recently highlighted this fact.

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