Thanksgiving Weekend Activities in Kelowna

Reddit kelowna things to do Tourists grab a photograph of a grizzly bear on a boat tour. As triathlon swimmers stroked through the waters off the island, a pod of five orcas surfaced a few hundred metres away from the competitors. Horne Lake Caves is one of B. Travel experts say a growing number of visitors to B. Why should travellers try to see tucked-away places? Because leaving big cities can restore them to themselves and reconnect them to the world, Gjerdalen says.



News A new conversation is bubbling up at Okanagan wineries — how do they handle the influx of bachelorette parties celebrating pending nuptials by touring tasting rooms? A few bad brides have threatened to spoil the bunch and wineries are now tightening up the rules for those about to tie the knot. More wineries are requesting that the parties remove any bridal paraphernalia before they enter. These include veils, phallic objects and costumes. There definitely have been issues because of those types of parties and discussion amongst wineries, but it is in different degrees.

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Or that male seahorses give birth to 150 babies every three months? Experience the weird and wonderful at the Vancouver Aquarium. Get up close with a penguin, python or tortoise; catch a screening of the Shark. A 4-D Experience; gather round for story time and go behind the scenes during an Animal Encounter.

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The boom years never looked so good. Photograph by Amber Bracken Nathan Lake rushed home from his oil sands site job with a half-hour to spare. Then he started looking at real estate, and what he might be able to afford when he becomes a full-fledged electrician.