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Where do athletes hang out in dallas The Dallas Fort Worth area has a vibrant gay and lesbian nightlife scene. Fitzhugh Ave. With its preponderance of waifish male dancers, chiseled bartenders, and special appearances by, er, certain types of film stars, this place is about as subtle as a disco ball, but continues to up the ante with big-name guest DJs and the occasional pop star. Former Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones gave a live performance in the fall of 2012, and of all the bars in Dallas, Adam Lambert made BJs his stop when his tour swung through in 2010. While the Rainbow Lounge across the street pumps it up with beat-heavy dance music, here the dance floor is filled with two-steppers and line-dancers sashaying to the likes of George Strait and Randy Travis.


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Dallas nightclubs range in size like enormous super-clubs like Zouk or Glass, where world famous DJ's are on constant rotation. DJ's like Tiesto, Avicii, and Calvin Harris, have all graced the stages of these popular dance clubs. For those looking for a mid-sized club with a high energy vibe and dancing there is the new "hotspot" called Avenu located right in the heart of Uptown. The City of Dallas is constantly evolving into a cosmopolitan city with a busy nightlife that rivals huge cities like Los Angeles and Chicago.

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