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Where does alonzo lerone live As a short recap, the Social Media Successes Series is dedicated to featuring people who have created their own brand, product, or company, and have become successful. Alonzo Lerone fits the bill. Even though he is humble, he really is a bit of a Youtube web-celebrity. Alonzo has built a channel filled with entertaining videos containing skits, reviews of products, and much more. And yes, I am a fan. You can see it in the video below. Personally, my favorite videos have always been the Dumbest Tweets and Facebook Fails.


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He has even leveraged his online success to create an original merchandise line. As a top meme creator and YouTube personality, Lerone has partnered with big brands among the likes of 23andMe and Tums. What were you doing before you became a YouTuber? What led you to the platform?

Dumbest Things We Did As Kids - 60 FUNNY TWEETS - Alonzo Lerone

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