How to access your web site before DNS propagation is complete

Windows dns propagation time Unfortunately, webmasters have limited ability to control or override the DNS propagation process. Nonetheless, there are still some tips, tricks and workarounds that ensure DNS cache will reflect the new IP addresses as soon as possible. DNS works in such as a way that when a request for IP address received by DNS resolver, it will then query the root servers to find the authoritative server with detailed knowledge of the particular domain name. DNS caching allows resolution of domain name to IP to take place locally using the cached information instead of querying the remote server for subsequent requests, until the TTL duration expires. Lowering the TTL value will enable rapid expiration and refreshing of DNS records, causing the new records to propagate faster across the world. However, the trick needs the name resolvers follow the RFC standards, which most do.


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Since these cache records have an active life span of a specified time period, all requests from the ISP will rely on the information of the cached file till its expiration. For eg. Which means a cached server ie ISP will check for any modifications only after 86400 seconds or one day. So if you make a change in the DNS records of a domain in the name server, it can take up to 24 hours to reflect in your ISP. Let us assume that the hosting account has moved to a new server and the A record for the domain has been changed to 2.

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