Please Stop 'Burning In' Your Earphones

1more smart burn-in app There's something to burning in headphones, but it's difficult to measure--and some experts say it's all in your head. For more Tested. Burn-in, as it applies to televisions, is bad. Burn-in describes a form of image retention where the screen permanently retains an image even when it's no longer being displayed. Watch too much CNBC, and eventually the outline of that stock ticker is going to burn into the display. Burn-in as it applies to headphones, on the other hand, is good--according to some audiophiles, who swear that new cans need to be burned in for 40 or 100 or 200 hours before regular use.


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Earphone makers seem to be either too polite or scared to say anything. And the people in the industry who should know better are only actively encouraging a ritual. So let me say it for them. Earphone burn-in is a bunch of hokum. For those of you unfamiliar with the practice, it basically amounts to pumping different kinds of sound into a new pair of headphones or earphones for a given period of time.

How to burn in your headphones to sound great every time

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