Meet the Voices Behind Your Favorite ‘Adventure Time’ Characters

Adventure time cast of characters Cartoon Network In 2010, a new cartoon debuted with these bold lines. Its 10-season run on Cartoon Network comes to a close Sept. Its characters have been modeled for sale in plush and plastic and pixels, as LEGO pieces and video game avatars. Finn Jeremy Shada and his shape-shifting dog John diMaggio began the series as romping adventurers, fighting monsters on a generally charming if often dangerous mutant Earth, about a thousand years after the apocalyptic Mushroom War. A promotional image for the series finale of "Adventure Time" on Cartoon Network. The comical bumps up against the chaotic, the domestic beats back the dreadful. Below, some of the many people who made it — several of whom have gone on to create beloved, award-winning cartoons of their own — remember some of what it was like.


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Terms of use. Stay on target All the Trailers You Might Have Missed from SDCC Adventure Time has an amazing cast of characters, many three-dimensional and emotionally complex for cartoons living in an absurd, post-apocalyptic world. We care about what happens to these characters, despite the weird stuff that goes on around them.

The anti-climatic battle was a false flag. Cartoon Network After a full decade of mind-expanding shenanigans, Adventure Time has finally come to an end. The winding path led us from small-scale whimsy to intergalactic adventure, building up dense layers of mythology, making for hours worth of wiki-reading.

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