[Question] Pairing Apple Watch without updating the iPhone

Apple watch wont pair without update However, there are some factors that would ruin the process and cause the pairing to fail. Often times, the problem is associated with software glitches on the iPhone including rogue apps, errant services and data corruption. Bad updates can sometimes cause you the same trouble. Read on whenever you need more help. Find issues that are similar with yours and use the solutions we suggested. If you still need our help after that, then feel free to contact us by filling up our iPhone issues questionnaire.


pair apple watch without updating iphone

An editor who loves smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other wearable smart devices. Updated May 28, 2019 38 38 people found this article helpful If you have an Apple Watch — and perhaps even if you don't — you likely know that much of the device's functionality requires having a smartphone paired with the smartwatch via Bluetooth. One of the biggest criticisms of smartwatches and other similar wearables to date is that they're merely an extension of the smartphone, and can't act very independently of your handset. And while it's true that you'll need your phone nearby to enjoy features such as receiving notifications and incoming messages, there are still quite a few things you can accomplish when your phone is back at home or simply turned off. Keep on reading to discover them.


update apple watch without iphone

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unable to check for update apple watch

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Apple Watch Won't Pair With iPhone [Fixed]- Pair Manually Using PIN or Passcode

apple watch pairing failed

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