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Asian professional meetup nyc With a large South Asian population in town, you are never too far away from a good hot plate of Biryani rice, some amazing naan bread or the latest bopping Bollywood movie. Today, with approximately 200,000 Indian Americans spread across New York City, according to the 2010 census, the Big Apple is home to the largest metropolitan settlement of Indian Americans anywhere in the country. While South Asian professionals in the city, including Indians, Pakistanis, and Bangladeshis tend to be scattered across NYC these days, there is a large and vibrant desi population in the borough of Queens — most notably in Jackson Heights. With a large collection of shops offering Indian, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi groceries and clothing — you can expect to buy anything from saris to samosas and subji produce all within a one mile radius. These days, however, hustle and bustle is synonymous with this area of Queens as tiny ethnic shops dot Roosevelt Avenue and the 7 train clatters noisily on an overhead line. Located on the main shopping strip at 37-27 74th Street, Patel Brothers is a virtual Wal Mart of spices. You can buy vegetables commonly used in Indian cooking, utensils, lentils and snacks including Parle G biscuits and Maggi, among many other things.


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Wu Ed. As part of his studies, he conducted extensive fieldwork and archival research in Japan in order to analyze the public understanding of genetically modified food, as well as the scientific research and marketing of genetically modified flowers. His interests include machine learning, artificial intelligence, educational tools and interactive games. He received his Ph. During college, he was active in several Asian-American campus groups, serving a term as President of the Taiwanese Cultural Society, and helping to found the Boston Intercollegiate Taiwanese Student Association.

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