Ep. 660 – Ray Austin

Austin co founder How much commission did I just earn? Is performance in line with company goals? Which path of my variable pay will yield the best results? All your answers are here. Designed by sales pros, for sales pros Our founders AJ and Cole are no strangers to the challenges that come up when building diverse, high-performing sales teams. As veteran entrepreneurs and startup pros, they set out to innovate, building an easy to use, elegant solution to an over-complicated problem. Together, they want to ensure that top-performing contributors and teams are able to showcase their results to those that matter most.


Taylor Collins Co-founder Taylor hails from Austin, TX and has an extensive background in both the food industry and health care. More importantly he is a master of doing epic things. His love of the outdoors embodies the spirit of EPIC. When not working, Taylor is often found trail running deep in the Barton Creek Greenbelt or looking for buffalo to befriend.

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Спросила Николь. - Нет, пока нет, - ответил Орел. - Что, если мы съездим туда ненадолго. "Пожалуйста, не откажи в любезности старой женщине, - подумала Николь. - Даже если она сама не понимает себя".

88 Bikes Co-Founder Dan Austin Interview at Mountainfilm

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А утром лежали так Он отвернулся и вытер глаза платком. - Некоторые мои друзья говорят, что эпидемия вызвана октопауками. Как вы думаете, Элли, возможно ли это?. - Должно. Мы вынудили их поступить подобным образом.