Breaking News: Rolex Baselworld 2019 Novelties

Baselworld 2019 rolex gmt The new GMT Master II aka Batman that is also equipped with the upgraded movement, attracts heavy attention from the loyal fans of the brand. I believe it will be safe to say Rolex is the world's most sought after post WWII aviation themed timepiece. The adventure that began in the 1950s continues full steam ahead and Rolex dominates this segment with the variations of the current GMT-Master II model. This situation changed right after the rumors spread telling the model will be discontinued. Of course, the old version, Ref. The new or updated GMT-Master II, like the previous model, has a 40-mm diameter case made of Grade 904L stainless steel, a grade that is resistant to conditions which a wristwatch unlikely to encounter with. Even though the model is water resistant to 100 meters, the watch is extremely reassuring thanks to the Triplock crown used in the Submariner as well.


Baselworld 2019 is fast approaching with new collections waiting in the wings. And as usual, the most anticipated novelties of the year will be the new Rolex watches. Please note that this article is a figment of our imagination. These are just predictions. Nothing is official.

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¿Qué ha sido lo más destacable de Baselworld 2019?

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