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Battle of kosovo movie When the battle was over, Prince Lazar, the commander of the Christian army, and Murad, the ruler of the Ottomans, lay dead. In the years and centuries that followed, the battle and the martyred Prince Lazar became the subjects of a rich literature of popular legend and epic poetry that has profoundly influenced Serbian historical consciousness. The bard, the storyteller, and, eventually, the traditionalist historian depicted the Battle of Kosovo as the catastrophic turning point in the life of Serbia; it marked the end of an independent, united Serbia and the beginning of 500 years of oppressive Ottoman rule. The legend of the battle became the core of what we may call the Kosovo ethic, and the poetry that developed around the defeat contained themes that were to sustain the Serbian people during the long centuries of foreign rule. A feeling of despair permeated Lazar's lands after the prince's death and his wife's surrender to the Ottomans the following year.


Georges' brother, Jean, is looking for the entry code to Georges' apartment. These characters lives interconnect with a Romanian immigrant and a deaf teacher. Ethnic cleansings and other atrocities mentally and physically destroyed the people. The entwined destinies of individual persons and families from various geographic regions and social classes are the basis of a closely interconnected storyline.

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It has the central place in popular understanding of Serbian history, being well-known to almost every member of Serbian nation. The historical background of this myth is battle on Kosovo field, fought on June 15th, 1389, between Serbs, led by prince Lazar c. Nothing certain could be said about the course of the battle, except that it was a fierce one and that the both rulers were killed.

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Bitka na Kosovu 1389. (DOKUMENTARAC)