Belarusian President Names New Premier, Reshuffles Government

Belarus head of government In August, President Alexander Lukashenka dismissed the prime minister, three deputy prime ministers, three ministers and the chairman of the State Military-Industrial Committee. At the same time, commenting on the government... At the same time, commenting on the government reshuffle, Lukashenka said that his decision was far from spontaneous. While criticising the previous government, the President of Belarus mostly focused on discrepancies in the course of national development, as well as on the low level of labour discipline. Addressing these issues, Lukashenka appointed a team of relatively young technocrats in order to mobilise the state apparatus and tighten his grip on power ahead of the parliamentary and presidential elections due during 2019 and 2020. In fact, Lukashenka blamed the government for declining living standards of Belarusian people. How much blood was spilled and I had to do it, personally in order to convince the government that people should have at least one thousand rubles as average pay in the country? The lowest paid social strata, including nurses and caretakers, and people working in the cultural sphere and social services, as well as nursery teachers, should earn more.


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Equal rights are guaranteed for all. The Constitution recognizes and guarantees unalienable rights of an individual. State power in the Republic of Belarus is exercised on the principle of its separation into legislative, executive, and judicial powers.


She graduated from the Novopolotsk Polytechnic Institute in 1982, the Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus in 2006. In 1982-1995 she worked as console operator, safety engineer, engineer of the production and technical department of the Polotsk-based enterprise Vodokanal. In 1995-2002 Natalya Kochanova worked as engineer, acting head, chief engineer of the production and technical department of the housing and utilities organization in Polotsk. In 2002-2007 she worked as head of the housing and utilities department, acting chairperson for capital construction, housing and utilities services at the Polotsk City Hall.

Visit of President Tomislav Nikolic of Serbia to Belarus

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