Brian pulido lady death kickstarter A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Please read the rules before joining the discussion. ET Feb. The iconic comic book antihero created by Long Branch native Brian Pulido, Lady Death recently commemorated her 20th anniversary. Now, the character is set to make her triumphant return in the comic "Chaos Rules" later this year. But, Lady Death needs her fans' help. "Chaos Rules" is Pulido's first original story to be independently published in over a decade through his own Coffin Comics, and Pulido is taking to crowd-funding website Kickstarter to help make the book a reality. The campaign runs from Feb.


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I backed them both and was more than happy to do it again, it is Lady Death after all! As with his other fundraisers, Pulido sets realistic goals and puts together some amazing rewards. First of all, I tend to work under the assumption that the reader knows the character at hand. She renounces her mortality for eternal life in Hell. To ensure her survival, she turns to the darkness within herself and begins a transformation into Lady Death.

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А мне приходится бодрствовать, пока он ест. Ты хоть раз пытался уснуть, когда кто-то теребит тебя за сосок. - Так вот оно. - усмехнулась Николь.

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Хотя они светились в сотне километров от нее, вид их был великолепен - на фоне черноты и далеких звезд. - У этого Узла есть дополнительный комплекс, - проговорил Орел, - он образует идеальный тетраэдр. Узел возле Сириуса, который вы посетили, не располагал модулем познания. Николь, затаив дыхание, глядела из окна челнока. Освещенное сооружение, медленно поворачивавшееся вдали, казалось нереальным, плодом ее воображения.