‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Returns To Duty With ‘The Audit’

Brooklyn nine nine amys ex boyfriend Contact Author Hit-show Brooklyn Nine-Nine stars Jake Peralta, a talented but childish detective who has an outer layer of goof but a heart of gold. Featured alongside Peralta is stern, charmingly awkward and ambitious Detective Amy Santiago. While it seemed initially to viewers that these two Detectives would never be more than career rivals, fans were delighted as the seasons progressed and Jake and Amy's relationship moved from hatred to mutual respect, friendship, and then eventually to something a lot more warm and squishy. This article lists 10 of the best Jake and Amy episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, from the start of their rocky relationship to the episode where Spoiler alert! Season 1. Episode 13 The Bet This is the very first episode in which viewers start to get the hint that there's something more to Jake and Amy's intense workplace rivalry.


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By. whatshouldwecallme Amy's attractive ex-boyfriend, with whom she is on good terms, comes to visit and causes a fuss. Kind of slowly Amy x Jake. I totally called that episode. The old boyfriend story line has such good potential and I loved seeing Jealous Jake. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and Amy had asked Gina and Rosa to help her get ready for her dinner.

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In the craziest cliffhanger the Fox comedy has ever seen, the midseason finale ended with the precinct's sardonic civilian administrator, Gina Chelsea Peretti , getting hit by a bus. The whole ordeal took the old saying "be careful what you wish for" to the extreme, since the accident happened after Gina proclaimed she'd rather get hit by a bus than get another text message from annoying co-worker Charles Joe Lo Truglio. Advertisement "A little time has passed when we pick up, and Gina's fate will get answered," Andy Samberg, who plays Det. Jake Peralta, told The Times. The return episode, titled "Audit," will also see the squad attempting to demonstrate the Nine-Nine's efficiency after it becomes clear that Brooklyn will have to shut down one of its police precincts.

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