What golf course was Caddyshack 2 filmed at? Was it Eagle Trace in Coral Springs, Florida?

Caddyshack 2 filming locations Alas, times have changed, but the explosive hilarity and pure jovial joy of Caddyshack have not—and they never will. Tee up and have at it! Prior to the Internet and the prevalence of unpaid internships, a paid high school or college-age summer gig frequently meant working retail or, oftentimes, laboring outdoors. Among such fairway veterans was actor and comedian Brian Doyle-Murray, who caddied at a Chicago area course throughout his adolescence right alongside his brother and Caddyshack co-star Bill Murray. Director Ramis also carried golf bags at a nearby club. Together with National Lampoon co-founder and Animal House co-writer Doug Kenney, Doyle-Murray and Ramis penned the Caddyshack script based on their coming-of-age hot weather moneymaking experiences. Some cultists might also bring up Pierce Hawthorne on Community.


BY Sean Hutchinson July 25, 2015 You may already know your favorite moments from Caddyshack, which turns 35 years old today, by heart. Caddyshack got made because of Animal House. Caddyshack director and co-writer Harold Ramis was also a co-writer of the 1978 National Lampoon comedy classic Animal House, along with eventual Caddyshack co-writer and producer Douglas Kenney.

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