Cheesy Pickup Lines for Every Country in the World: The Ultimate List

Canadian chat up lines Because you have the Quito my heart. Germany. Are you German? Tijuana go out with me? Switzerland. Having you in my life is like having a Swiss flag. Albania. You must be Albanian, because I want Tirana-way with you. Algeria. You must be from Algeria, because I want to get Dinar with you.


May 12, 2018 Canadian people are generally hot when it comes to both boys and girls. There are a lot of things that these Canadians have to be proud of in their home country such as their maple syrup, their hockey, the beaver and a whole lot more. Did you happen to see a cute Canadian guy or a sexy Canadian girl on your way back to wherever you are going and felt like hitting up on this Canadian person? Worry no more for here are some cool Canadian pickup lines that will surely help you out in picking up a Canadian and having lots of funs with him or her tonight.

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These pick-up lines are copulatory gold. Use them in bars. So what gives me the authority to catalogue them here? No, I am not planning ahead for the inevitable failure of my marriage he hastened to add — my wife reads this blog. I have a long-term working relationship with a translator who loves bad pick-up lines.

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