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City data debates No Comments Few have been more at the centre of the rising global discussion around cities and data than Patricia McCarney, the president and chief executive of the World Council on City Data. McCarney created the council, housed at the University of Toronto, almost three years ago in order to shepherd an indisputably ambitious project. To create a definitive set of 100 data indicators that would allow for point-by-point comparisons of cities around the world. The result is a framework that allows Buenos Aires, for example, to see how it stacks up against Boston or Barcelona on measures of energy, finance, health and many other dimensions. Representatives from many of the cities using the ISO standard will share their experiences. Citiscope will be covering the event. Biron. Where are we now in the story of data and urban development? When we started, there was some interest.


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Linkedin From the flow of traffic, water and waste through to the consumption of energy and the quality of the air we breathe, city governments are able to collect and access ever increasing amounts of data about life in the city. The promise is that more and better collection and analysis of this data will improve the way a city works, increasing efficiency, and creating new services that deliver both economic value and address social problems. Cities around the world have woken up to the promise of data and are investing heavily in it. This week, the Greater London Authority launched its new data strategy. Data for London , which highlights, among other things, the need to create a data market for London and the need for proactive city data governance.

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