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Cof meaning in text While Uzziah was in this state, and making preparation , he was corrupted in his mind by pride, and became insolent, and this on account of that abundance which he had of things that will soon perish, and despised that power which is of eternal duration which consisted in piety towards God, and in the observation of the laws ; so he fell by occasion of the good success of his affairs, and was carried headlong into those sins of his father, which the splendor of that prosperity he enjoyed, and the glorious actions he had done, led him into, while he was not able to govern himself well about them. Hereupon he was so confounded at the sad distemper, and sensible that he was not at liberty to contradict, that he did as he was commanded, and underwent this miserable and terrible punishment for an intention beyond what befitted a man to have, and for that impiety against God which was implied therein. So he abode out of the city for some time, and lived a private life, while his son Jotham took the government; after which he died with grief and anxiety at what had happened to him, when he had lived sixty-eight years, and reigned of them fifty-two; and was buried by himself in his own gardens. He bases this on his reading of 2 Chron 26 and Josephus. The fact is, there is nothing to support such a precise date and there is no scientific justification for linking an earthquake with leprosy inflicted on the king. It should also be noted that Ben-Menahem linked the quake with an eclipse in 763 that was known from an Assyrian list.


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Elise Moreau is a digital marketer, web content writer and copywriter. She has covered web trends for Lifewire and previously About. Hit My Line "Hit my line" is a catchphrase that translates to "call me" or "text me. HML as "hit my line" comes in handy when you want to ask somebody to get in contact with you. It's a cool and casual way to let someone know that you'll be waiting for their call or text message.

Если будут интересоваться, кто ты, назовешься Элли. Она будет сидеть дома вместе с твоей внучкой. - А Элли знает, что я бежала. - спросила Николь несколько секунд спустя.

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