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Concordia college sports division Concordia College N. Off the court and field, the CACC and its student-athletes take pride in the balance between academics and athletics. Furthermore, the conference established its inaugural All-Academic team in the fall of 2004 and the number of names on the list continues to grow each year. Division II is a dynamic and engaging group of colleges, institutions and conferences of varying sizes and educational missions. Its members are committed to balancing the overall educational experience and academic success of student-athletes with high-level competition. We expect that you, as spectators, will do the same. We request that you cooperate and support participants, coaches, officials and fellow spectators in a positive and mature manner.


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Cobber Coach's Show - Nov. Olaf 21-10. Olaf 21-14 and retain possession of the Troll Trophy for the seventh straight season.

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Он следит за нами по навигационному радиомаяку. Кстати, Ричард просил передать, что любит тебя и не забыл. - Не двигайся, - перебила ее Алиенора, когда Николь автоматически поскребла за правым ухом.

CUC Men's Basketball vs. Concordia Wisconsin - 7 p.m.

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Goshen College defeats Concordia University in the NAIA national basketball tourney.

Men's Soccer - Chestnut Hill College vs Concordia College - 9/12/2015