Crystal Castles and Robert Smith

Crystal castles best ever albums Vincent…sure enough, we were starting to see the makings of a trend. Seven years is surely plenty of time to develop nostalgic pangs for a particular era and style of music—if you can say such a thing about indie rock from 2000 to 2009. When The Strokes and Interpol crashed the nu-metal choked shores of alternative radio, the game changed. And yet, it became mainstream. Well, some of it, anyway.


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Instead of a flowery, pretentious title the record was simply called 'Beyonce'. An obvious choice considering her name is Beyonce and everything, but it was also fitting as it cemented her status as a true music superstar - someone who doesn't have to rely on promotion, just their name to sell. And oh boy, did she sell - nearly a million copies in three days. It seems a self-titled album marks something in an artist's career - it's either your first body of work, a change in direction, a musical transition - or simply a monolithic statement that screams 'THIS IS ME'.

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crystal castles rym

On first listen to the imaginatively named 'Crystal Castles', I was really hung-over and not in a good place. It was unpleasant at best, but mostly just painful. Then I listened to it again the next day, while walking through Leeds city centre as the sun was going down and it was just perfect.

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Depressing albums! ;_:

crystal castles crystal castles

Когда все наконец выдохлись и более не хотели повторений, Арчи спросил у людей: не желают ли они переговорить с Верховным Оптимизатором. - Не теперь, - ответила Николь, выражая всеобщее мнение.