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Daria is it fall yet watch online The show followed Daria Morgendorffer, the supremely cynical and sarcastic teenager, in her life at school and at home. Eventually, though, it would emerge as a funny, biting show worthy of being honored with a top 10 list such as this one. Now, that episode where Daria meets the manifestations of various holidays is an example of a similar weirdness not working. Both characters have substance to them, and get their own hilarious plotlines, and they are arguably at the center of this episode. Jake and Helen used to be hippies. Now Helen is a workaholic and Jake is one minor setback away from losing his mind at any given moment.


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This is one of those shows that both adults and teenagers can really get a lot out of. With all the vapid programming for teenagers permeating every corner of television these days like 16 and Pregnant, Degrassi, and other such TV shows , Daria offers a different perspective on what life for a junior high school student is like. One issue that parents tend to have with Daria is the way that adults are portrayed. They're portrayed as either clueless, condescending, unhelpful, or some combination thereof. The thing is, when you're in junior high school, most adults generally DO come off as such.

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