How to design a database for shopping cart for category and subcategory

Database design online shopping project In particular, service-oriented architectures SOA lowenable the development of flexible manufacturing systems that avoid the traditional problem of centralized control. One of the main advantages of SOA is it is based on open web services standards which allow individual web services to communicate completely platform-independent. With it, we communicate; gather news, network with friends and colleagues, and share information and resources. Today, we see many businesses — large and small — using websites as a platform to sell a product or provide a service. Introduction 3 1. Feasibility 3 2.


Python and Tcl - public course schedule Please ask about maintenance training for Perl, PHP, Lua, etc Database design for a shopping application MySQL Here's a "proof of concept" demo from yesterday's MySQL session - a plan for the various tables that might be involved, and a few sample columns to see how "the whole" would work together. On one side, you have a table of the shops that you're running the site for - the code is designed to be able to operate for multiple outlets with different products at the same time. On my diagram, that's called "takeaways" which may lead you to conclude we were talking about this just before lunch. Each takeaway have a number of product groups - we used the term "aisles" to describe them as for ease of design we wanted each table name to start with a different letter and we didn't want to confuse categories with customers!

product database design example

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product database design example

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