Bella Thorne Opens Up About Her Open Relationship with Mod Sun & Tana Mongeau

Did bella thorne married mod sun Aside from acting, Bella is also a singer and novelist. She also has a legion of followers across social media platforms making her an online favorite. She has two elder sisters and a brother, Dani, Kaili and Remy Thorne, all of whom are also actors. Fame began early for Bella as she modeled for a magazine at just six weeks old. Her life has by no means been a bed of roses as she experienced tragedy early on in life losing her father in an accident in 2007 when she was just 10 years old. Bella was homeschooled after she was bullied in school and she had been diagnosed with dyslexia in the first grade. She has, however, overcome it.


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For the younger set, they may just know her from her Disney Channel days before transitioning into more sophisticated films. One thing different about Thorne being a part of the Disney universe is she came out as bisexual, though only after leaving the Mouse House. Her relationships have been a bit complex as a result, but it gives you some insight into how those considering themselves bi manage in Hollywood. Thorne recently had one interesting polyamorous fling after a number of years dating men in her age range. None of these led to marriage…yet.

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