When You Read a Book on Kindle Does It Update on Facebook?

Facebook wont update on my kindle fire You can automatically keep track of your position in Kindle books and update this position across multiple devices. This information, and your library of books, doesn't have anything to do with Facebook and you can't read Kindle books via Facebook itself. However, you can switch on a setting on your Kindle device that lets you post information about books you are reading or have finished reading directly to your Facebook account without needing to go onto a computer. Dedicated Applications Amazon does offer dedicated applications for reading books on a range of smartphones, tables and computers. When you read a book on your Kindle, your position in books that you read will be synchronized across all these apps whenever your Kindle is connected to the Internet. Similarly, if you read a book using a Kindle app on another device, your position is synchronized across all apps and on your Kindle as long as you are connected to the Internet.


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