Rangers: Why I endorsed Downfall book

Follow near and far rangers What was mispronounced? Optional. help us by adding the time Submit Thank you for your help! Ibrox stadium, August 25 2011. Rangers FC, the Scottish club that is one of the most famous names in world football, are 15 minutes away from being knocked out of Europe by the champions of Slovenia. The team needs one more goal to take the game into extra time. This is the moment that, traditionally, a home team would be rallied by its fans bellowing, baying, singing a rousing song.


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Post categories. Football Jim Spence 23.49 UK time, Thursday, 18 February 2010 Rangers fans deserve better treatment than they are getting at the moment, and I'm not talking about on the field of play. There, at least, things are fine. The Ibrox legions need a figurehead, a former well-respected player, to put his head above the parapet.

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Rangers v Hibs - 12/08/17

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