Kevin McHale on Glee end: 'Casting directors gave up on the Glee cast'

Glee cast now and then Her starring role in Glee helped her to land the part of Ashton Kutcher's love interest in the mainstream movie, New Year's Eve... Better luck next time, Lea. Most recently he voiced a character in the video game The Inpatient. According to McHale, casting directors gave up on hiring members from the cast of Glee because their schedules were so busy and hectic for the six years that the show was on the air. Despite her busy Glee schedule, Agron managed to land multiple roles in TV shows and movies alike while playing cheerleader, Quinn Fabray on Glee. If the Glee actors' schedules were really so busy, how did he manage to do all that? His newest novel, Stranger Than Fanfiction, was published in February 2017.


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This show captivated audiences nationwide with its witty dialogue, realistic teenage drama, and of course, its musical numbers. It became an instant success, causing a massive explosion of "gleeks" to emerge, hungry for more episodes as each season progressed. After six years on air, "Glee" ended it's reign of television dominance in 2015 with a total of six seasons and over 700 musical performances. I recently decided to re-watch the show that I obsessed over in high school it is on Netflix, in case you were wondering , and it had me thinking, "What have the cast of "Glee" been doing with their lives since the show?

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He had been the star of the show since the pilot episode and was one of the most relatable members of the cast. The story of a quarterback befriending less-popular students and becoming a part of the New Directions was one that fans attached to. The fan connection to Finn was one of the most heart-warming parts of the show, and he was instantly missed. Other cast members tried to fill the leading-man void, but they were not able to. And while fans have always enjoyed characters like Sam, not even he was able to fill Monteith's shoes.

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