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Hatoful boyfriend ps vita review This dapper dessert is as sweet as he is stylish. Two birds enter, one sashays away. Goodnight, Moon. View Full Gallery "Underneath its goofy exterior, Hatoful Boyfriend shows its depths in being a fierce deconstruction as well as a tender celebration of dating sims, making it one of the most important games in the medium. These tropes can be abstract themes, such as tragedy or loneliness, or they can be tangible attributes and costumes, like glasses or maid outfits.


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If you enjoy clicking your mouse a lot while reading a collection of strange stories about pigeons, then Holiday Star is for you. Holiday Star has four main narratives, which run for approximately half an hour each. Across each of these narratives, there are so few instances of player interaction beyond clicking to continue the story and entering an optional name that I could count them on one hand.

Captions ESC Your character is a feisty human starting her second year in the most elite all-bird high school, St. Yes, you read that correctly. To really complete it, however, requires you to replay multiple times in order to explore the alternate paths of the eight datable birds.

Review: Hatoful Boyfriend [visual novel]

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