7 Korean women living in Singapore spill their secrets to porcelain skin

How do kpop idols get white skin Pinterest Rarely would I consider taking the opportunity to switch places with people who tell me they wish they had my job for a day. After spending time in our beauty closet and seeing my desk — which looks like someone dropped a Sephora on it — members Jiwoo and Somin told me the fated sentence that I usually hear from friends and family. "I wish I had your job. In a genre dominated by single-gender groups, KARD stands out as one of the few co-ed K-pop groups of the moment. They only officially debuted in July, but Jiwoo, Somin, B. Seriously, I dare you to listen to any of their songs and not get it stuck in your head. My personal fave is "Oh NaNa". They've proved that co-ed K-pop groups can, in fact, work — especially in America.


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So to all the hormonal teenagers with too much acne out there like me , I share your pain. It consists of first using a cleansing oil, then following with a water-based cleanser. Oil-based cleansers are exactly what they sound like. They look and feel like oil. Oil cleansers wash off all your sebum because oil and oil mix—it attracts the oil on your face.

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