Living & Loving the Lazy-Girl, Low Maintenance Lifestyle

How to live a low maintenance lifestyle If you live at Kingsbridge Townhomes in Longmont, you can ride your bicycle, climb a mountain or just relax, without the hassle of yard maintenance or outdoor upkeep. Kingsbridge is set in a quiet area of west Longmont, within a mile of shopping and restaurants, with amazing recreational opportunities nearby — trails, hiking, skiing and tourist activities. Interview with a new homeowner In December Kurt and Lisa Anderson moved from a single-family home in Erie into their new Kingsbridge townhome. Our kids are out of the house, and we definitely wanted to be in a place where we could just drop our bags and travel. We have a very flexible lifestyle, and Boulder Creek Builders understood that and have exceeded our expectations. They like west Longmont.


Don't bother calling an ambush makeover show; I guarantee I'll be off the wagon inside of a week. Some people have tried getting involved in the past, and I appreciate it, I really do. I've been gifted with spa certificates, beauty products, and sweet smelling lotions. I've even enjoyed them when I eventually use them. They're lovely, really.

The low-maintenance lifestyle is based on saving time and money by eliminating nonessentials. All your pajamas are a bunch of raggedy, giant, freebie T-shirts. This is probably more true of young single people, but honestly, if no one else is going to see them, why bother with anything else? Your toiletries consist of no more than three drugstore products.

Low Maintenance Living and Community Lifestyle Testimonial

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