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How to pronounce intimidating May 25, 2018 Getty Images At the top of the list of things that are embarrassing is meeting your friend's cute baby and completely butchering their name. Been there, done that. To help you avoid this mishap, here are some of the easiest monikers to mess up — plus a few helpful pronunciation tips. View Gallery 30 Photos Getty Images Rheagan Any name with a random "h" thrown in for fun is sure to confuse people, and Rheagan is no exception. Honestly, whatever floats your Geoffrey boat. Meanwhile, fans of the film Frozen can rejoice, because the name means "from the fjord-land.


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The sounds are tricky. And words that have the same meaning and spelling as English can sound entirely different. Once you learn the rules and patterns, pronouncing German words correctly is easier than you imagine.


Женщина всегда хочет казаться прекрасной в день своей свадьбы. - Только не я, - отозвалась Эпонина.

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