Stop swearing: A practical guide.

How to stop cursing christian Much to my surprise, I exhaled a "bad" word by our family's standards. Please understand, dental receptionists don't suffer tardiness lightly, and my punctuality track record isn't strong. Apparently my mother was right all along. One sin leads to another. And we shouldn't use bad words. Except … it's cool these days to be a Christian who swears.


I never associated it with our Savior whatsoever. Darn is another one. The usual context definition of darn is expressing anger, surprise, or frustration. How is that bad? Context and heart motive is everything.

How To Stop Saying Bad Words - Curse No More

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A temporate and reasonable set of measures to stop swearing. 1. Make a sincere commitment to curb your speech and hold back expletives because I don't think that a follower of Jesus should swear. Try, in your own strength to purify your speech and speak only encouraging, edifying words of truth that build up those surrounding you.

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I started swearing in Junior High School, and I pretty much got hooked on it. Lately, I've made the decision that I want to clean up my act and stop sinning all the time.

Re: Profanity is a Sin According to Christians

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