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Ima girl but i act like a guy Girls who act like guys By M. Farouk Radwan, MSc. Girls who act like guys Why do some girls act like boys? Why would a girl refuse to play with dolls? Why would a girl hate pink, prefer black and play football? I am sure that you have met at least one girl who prefers to act like boys rather than acting like girls. Tomboy is the common name for such a girl, but why are there tomboys in our society?


why do i feel like a boy and a girl

I'm a straight guy and straight-acting, but there are many things about my personality that seem more like womanly characteristics than manly ones. Here's the list. -I secretly don't really mind watching chick-flicks. People tell me I'm a great listener and easy to talk to, people go to me with problems.

10 Signs You Are A Tom Boy & Act Like One of The Guys - Erica Anderson

how to look more like a boy

"Кто. - спросила она себя с внезапно заторопившемся сердцем.

why do some girls act like guys

i was born a girl but i feel like a boy

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