This Sexting Emoji Keyboard Will Take Your Dirty Talk Game To The Next Level

Inappropriate keyboard emoticons Emoticons are pictorial icons made up from a combination of punctuation marks, letters, and numbers — i. It can be extremely easy to misunderstand the intent of a text or written message without any emotional cues. Emoticons go back even further. In 1982 a joke about a fake mercury spill went wrong at Carnegie Mellon University. It caused massive confusion on the university message boards, with people unaware that the messages were joking. As a result, Dr. Scott E.


With emoji — as with everything else when it comes to communication — context is key. And nobody but you can tell you the right way to talk to your friends, romantic partner, family members, or whoever else you exchange emoji-laden messages with. But again, context is important. So important, in fact, that there are few emoji you should never, ever use, but plenty you should stop using in particular situations. Read on to up your chances of never making an emoji-related faux pas again.

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