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Interstellar imdb tech specs Image. chime 2019-01-09 18.01.00 UTC To begin, there's zero evidence it's aliens. But for just the second time, a team of astronomers detected a flash of repeating of radio waves emanating from beyond our Milky Way galaxy. Using a new, sprawling Canadian telescope dubbed CHIME — which is the size of six hockey rinks — scientists identified the short, repeating burst in the summer of 2018 and published their results Wednesday in the journal Nature. The source of these super distant signals, from some 1. What's agreed upon is that for these radio waves to travel millions of light years and arrive at Earth as strong signals, they must have a profoundly potent origin — perhaps a powerful explosion in another galaxy. Image. nasa While scientists have detected more than 60 instances of fast radio bursts — which last just milliseconds — this is just the second known signal coming from the same location. Lots of things in space produce radio waves, and many of these signals hit Earth.


Maybe it was the character Miranda Priestly, a fashion magazine editor so powerful she could terrify underlings without even raising her voice, that pushed her to do it. But the Oscar-winning actress felt emboldened. I was 55, and I had just learned, at a very late date, how to deal on my own behalf.

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Вот ты где, Элли. А я уже решил, что вы с Максом заплутали в амбаре. Николь очень устала, а мне завтра рано вставать. - Конечно, дорогой, - ответила Элли. - Извини.

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Пойди, поцелуй папочку. Помедлив минутку, девочка бросилась через комнату к отцу. Роберт поднял ее на руки и прижал к. - Как здорово видеть тебя снова, Никки, - промолвил. Элли стояла и ожидала.

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Взволнованно спросил Кеплер. - Да, спасибо тебе, Кеплер, - ответила Николь, вытирая лицо тыльной стороной ладони.